We exist to change the way organisations improve.

Today’s complex environment requires a continuous stream of new or enhanced products and services. This forces change in processes and even business models. Economists estimate 50% of US annual GDP growth can be attributed to product and service innovation.  (MIT Sloan Management Review)

We believe the practice of innovation, transformation and improvement has not evolved quickly enough to meet this challenge. It’s stuck in a paradigm of flip-charts , post-its and point productivity solutions.

We innovate the way change and improvement programmes are delivered using digital technology.

We enable today’s virtual teams to work better and reduce the obstacles imposed by time and distance on their collaboration.

We support sustainability and carbon reduction by enabling teams to work together more whilst travelling less.

We passionately believe that companies who learn faster will improve faster.

Conventional approaches to delivery of change mean much of your corporate knowledge is wasted or inaccessible.

We find ways to capture and use the knowledge you have to gain advantage.

The application of analytics drives greater insight and better decisions to enable people to achieve more.

Knowledge has to be improved, challenged and increased constantly or it vanishes…
Peter Drucker

We want to make people’s experience of change more rewarding.

A different approach is needed to engage the next generation and to scale change efforts faster.

Wider involvement drives a far higher rate of change.

We think organisations need a single platform to make that happen.

We use technology to nudge people towards effective habits and behaviours.

We know we can help you to do better.

Research shows only one in four transformations succeed in the short and long run. That’s simply not good enough.

We believe you deserve better odds.
Changeway gives you the advantage you need.

We passionately believe organisations that
learn faster…improve faster.

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