What is Changeway?

Reinvented on a single digital platform, Changeway links your business strategy, goal deployment and transformation workshops to your actual performance.

  • Your methods for transformation, innovation and continuous improvement are made fully digital and enabled for remote working.
  • Prep and run your workshops, track your benefits and smash your goals – even when your team can’t all be in the same room.
  • More than just a digital workspace – a system of record for change

It always bothered me we weren’t transforming the way we did innovation and improvement itself. Changeway is part of that transformation so our teams work in a smart, agile manner. We can scale innovation and improvement projects in complex global supply chains to deliver value faster

Andrew McLean, Supply Chain and OpEx Manager in the Natural Resources industry

Who is Changeway for?

  • Organisations with a culture of innovation and continuous improvement and the consultancies who support them.
  • Organisations ranging in size from small project teams to global businesses with multiple locations and improvement teams worldwide.
  • It addresses the ‘pain points’ and needs of three personas: Leaders, Facilitators and Participants, to truly change the way you work with your internal teams or clients to transform an organisation.

Changeway have converted traditional ‘place-based’ transformation delivery systems and methods to a digital solution that enhances the value add of the transformation coach

Chris Lloyd, UK NHS Healthcare Improvement Expert

Common Platform
– the big difference

  • Improvement systems are fragmented. Strategic goal setting, the workshops we run, the way we track benefits and the systems we use to enable daily improvement are seldom connected. You need a common platform. You need Changeway.
  • Changeway’s modules are built on a common database so your information can follow the value stream from setting strategic goals down to the point of impact in your organisation. .

What’s our USP? We enable the improvement or innovation process from end-to-end; set goals, link and run workshops, measure results. There isn’t another solution you can use to do that. 

  • This is way more than online collaboration in a digital workspace. It’s a continuous improvement management system. We built it to enable you to turn your strategy into action and deliver real results.
  • Harness your team’s energy and creativity in a powerful end to end workflow built specifically for the way you and your teams work.
  • Changeway’s Intelligent Improvement™ and patent pending digital notes link and display related workshop content. Reporting is simplified. Curation of workshop data is effortless.

This goes far beyond the digital tools to make virtual workshops collaborative. It addresses the biggest issue facing leaders in change journeys – seamlessly translating and monitoring the outcomes from change workshops to change occurring successfully.

James Henderson, Professor of Strategy, Director of IMD International Consulting Projects

Organisations that learn faster improve faster.

  • Big data has intrinsic value. Analytics and machine learning increase insight. Your organisational change data should have real value for you.
  • Your change knowledge is captured as you run your workshop – with no extra effort. It’s curated and stored securely in a database for the future.