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There is help available on every screen. Tap the help button that to get access to how to guides, coaching points and short instructional videos covering every function.

If you are part of our developer programme and you’ve been given a password, you can also access the support resources by using links below.

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Where do I access help and support?

You’ve come to the right place. There is in-app help available on every page of the software. Tap the help button that to get access to how to guides, coaching points and short instructional videos covering every function in the app.

Didn’t find what you are looking for? Please fill in the support ticket form below and we’ll get one of our team to contact you.

I’ve been invited to a Changeway Workshop – how do I join?

You’ll receive an email from the workshop facilitator with a link to the software store on this website. Click the link. Select a free trial. You can also access that here.

Checkout (no credit card details will be required for free trials) and enter your email to assign your licence. You’ll receive a welcome email from us. Click the link and download the software. Then sign-up. Done! When you open the app, you’ll have a notification to accept the invite and go directly into the workshop.

Are there any limits to how many workshops I can have?

Nope. Go for it! You can run as many workshops as you like. Up to 20 participants can have a free trial for four weeks. Your core team and regular users will benefit from obtaining a monthly or annual subscription.

What devices can I use with Changeway?

Changeway was built as a mobile first software application. It will run on any Android or Apple phone or tablet. It’s fully featured and optimised for those devices. We recommend you are running iOS 14.2 or later. The oldest device supported is iPhone 7. Tablets are recommended for facilitator use.

For all other laptops and desktop computers, Changeway runs in HTML using a Google Chrome browser only.

Changeway runs natively on the latest generation of Mac computers with the M1 chip. There is a Mac OS compatible version of the software on the Apple app store.

Each license holder can access Changeway on their phone, tablet and desktop and have up to two concurrent logins.

Look out for news/updates from us or ask to be informed here.

I run virtual workshops – how does Changeway support this?

We built Changeway to fully enable remote workshops. It’s completely synchronised across all devices. When we run our workshops we use Zoom/Teams/Webex for video and audio. We use Changeway for all workshop inputs. Typically the best solution is for the Facilitator to join on their tablet or desktop and share screen so the participants can follow. We also have follow functions and participant presence tools in the app to help.

Finally, you can work in parallel in Changeway. Split your team and work on different tasks knowing all your inputs are collated and synchronised to easily view and share when you reconvene the group.

How long does it take to learn the app?

For participants, to start adding items to a brainstorm canvas takes 8 taps. If you can post on LinkedIn you’re good J The quick start guide and help in-app makes this easy.

For Facilitators we offer free coaching sessions. You’ll cover all the fundamentals in 60-90 minutes. Given the breadth of capability on offer, most users report 2-3 hours of dedicated use to get comfortable. Contact us here if you’d like to discuss your onboarding and user training needs.

Is Changeway secure?

Changeway is penetration tested, GDPR19 compliant and end-to-end encrypted. It’s secure. Any attachments and data you add is encrypted upon entry. Only people you invite can ever see it. Industry leading two factor authentication secures access to the app.

What integrations do you support?

In Changeway you can create links to virtually any other website, application or file sharing site with a URL. Simply copy the link or web address. Tap to open the side menu on the digital notes and select Share website/file.  Paste the link into your digital notes and tap to access the site or document. Teams, Box, OneDrive, Sharepoint, Office, Word, Powerpoint, Excel are all supported. You can also embed and share PDFs directly in the brainstorms.

I can’t log into the app – I see a message ‘logout or retry’?

That’s almost certainly an issue with your license key. Please drop us a message on the help ticket form below and we will help you resolve that immediately.

I want to access “My Account’ to manage, renew or cancel my licenses. How do I do that?

The individual who placed the order for your software received an email at checkout providing the username and password to access the my account page here. If you are unsure who placed the order as part of a larger enterprise or you can’t find the email don’t worry. Drop us a support request on the form below and we’ll get you going.

I want to delete my personal data or enquire about how my data is managed. How do I do that?

On sign-up, you will see and accept the privacy policy which explains clearly how your data is used, stored and safeguarded. If you’d like a PDF copy of that policy please drop a support request on the form below. You can also request a copy of the app user agreement accepted on behalf of your organisation when the original order was placed.


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