PEX Network: Exclusive Masterclass

Guiding principles for successful strategy deployment and benefits realisation

How to overcome the number one challenge for OPEX transformation

Discover how to successfully use strategy deployment to focus your improvement efforts. Identify the key drivers for benefits realisation early in your OPEX transformation program and explore a decision-making tree to prevent dead-end journeys.

A successful strategy deployment is a key pillar for business transformation and can have a direct impact on the success of transformation efforts. It is often identified, however, as the number one challenge for OPEX and transformation leaders as many struggle through it.

This exclusive masterclass with Changeway Founding Partner, Jon Armstrong and Chris Lloyd, Strategy, Turnaround and Improvement Adviser, is a practical session around these challenges and the guiding principles leading to successful strategy deployment and benefits realization. Jon and Chris were taught these techniques by the architects of the Danaher Business System, and with two decades of teaching these techniques as consultants and using them to run their own businesses, the team shares their insight and experience.

The masterclass ensures attendees walk away with key guiding principles and pragmatic actionable advice that can be implemented straight away. The goal of the session is to enable attendees to avoid common pitfalls, follow best practice and improve transformation outcomes. A dedicated interactive Q&A also allows attendees to ask questions.

The masterclass covers:

  • Guiding principles for effective strategy deployment.
  • The common pitfalls of strategy deployment and how to avoid them.
  • Guiding principles of effective benefit realization.
  • How to identify the right drivers for benefit realization early in your program.
  • A decision-making tree for benefits realization to prevent you going down dead ends.
  • Proven examples of how operational metrics can be monetized.

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The Presenters

Chris Lloyd
Former CFO,

IBM Simpler Consulting

For many years Chris Lloyd has acted as a CFO for IBM Simpler Consulting and is now a Strategy, turnaround and improvement adviser.

Chris has been a CEO and Transformation Coach at Tier 1 automotive companies, including Toyota, and has been coached by Japanese Sensei in Japan. Chris led the continuous improvement introduction from the US to Europe and led the pilot implementation of the Danaher Strategy Deployment model in Europe.

Chris Lloyd has been a Partner in a leading transformation consultancy where he determined weak links translating strategy to action and ROI, and developed ROI models in multiple sectors.

Jon Armstrong

Jon Armstrong
Founding Partner,

Jon’s career in manufacturing encompasses the steel, automotive, industrial and electronics sectors. At age 27, he was given P&L responsibility for 800 employees across multiple locations. He trained in Japan and joined Simpler Consulting after turning around a failing and heavily unionised engineering business within 18 months.

Jon made Partner within three years, then served as Managing Director of the UK, Indian and Singaporean legal entities.

Jon was one of the leadership team who sold Simpler to IBM in 2016. He served three more years at Partner level in IBM UK where he focussed on helping clients understand the potential to simplify and automate their processes and designing large scale transformation programmes.

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