Security, Privacy & Data Encryption

We’re committed to building secure systems and processes. Nothing matters more to us than your privacy and security.

Strong Data Encryption

We operate with end-to-end data encryption on our cloud service. All data transfer to and from our Cloud services is encrypted with Transport Layer Security (TLS). All data is encrypted at rest, even all the media that you upload to our solution. If you’d like to talk more about encryption or your company’s data management requirements.

Hosted On AWS

We use the industry’s gold standard hosting provider, Amazon Web Services (AWS) to host all of Changeway services. You can read more about their security here.

Access Permission

We use Auth0, the industry’s leading provider of user authentication services. Multi-factor authentication helps to assure access to your information is secured and also protects invitations to join your digital workshops.


At Changeway we’re committed to protecting your privacy and intellectual property. Your privacy is important to us, all data collected and stored follows GDPR compliance.

Please view Changeway’s Privacy policy for a complete explanation of how we manage and protect your privacy. It is Changeway’s policy to respect your privacy regarding any information we may collect from you in our application.

Full details are included in our Privacy Policy and our App User Agreement

Payment Processing

Changeway uses Stripe for all payment processing, which means that we never store any of your credit card data. You can learn more about their security policies and PCI compliance here.

Incident Management

Any security related incidents such as data breaches, compliance issues, or any other complaint or concern should be reported immediately to

All incidents are tracked by operations management until resolved, and closed incidents are reviewed by operations personnel for appropriate resolution.