Our methodology has three key stages



Take your strategy. Assess the choices you have about how best to implement it and on your potential to improve. Make decisions about the breakthroughs you will pursue.

What can you do? What will you do?



Use a proven methodology from one of the world’s best performing companies to deploy your breakthroughs to the point of impact and empower your team.

Build a culture of accountability, results delivery and countermeasure.



Harness a best practice blend of proven methodologies to deliver your breakthroughs and drive widespread engagement at all levels.

Enable innovation. Simplify governance. Effectively measure results.

We have utilised design thinking extensively in the development of our consulting services and technology solutions.



Our core improvement methodology based on Toyota’s A3 Thinking, Six Sigma DMAIC and scientific problem solving. Our approach has nine steps. To make it easy to remember we’ve made the names of each of the nine steps an acronym of CHANGEWAY. We couldn’t resist it!


An assessment to evaluate the value at stake in your organisation – your potential to improve. Identify the options you have and then decide on the breakthroughs you will implement. Flexible to apply to enterprise, value stream or process levels. What’s the size of the prize?



Our methodology to implement your strategy and enable breakthroughs. Based on Danaher’s policy deployment model. Encompasses deployment, tracking, reviews and countermeasures. Put your strategy to work!



Our system to survey your culture and evaluate sentiment and engagement. A means to nudge and reward the right habits and behaviours. We love change.


Our design thinking methodology using the classic loop to enable you to innovate new products and services and improve user experience in existing products and services. Imagine if…


A powerful combo of design thinking, lean principles and digital solutions to give an immediate power up blueprint for your key processes. Drive value and user experience up for your customers, drive stress and hassle down for your employees. Step up your game.


Our system to build your culture and capability to solve hundreds of problems everyday. Powerful tiered escalation system and team huddle culture ensures customer centricity and agility. Correct and prevent problems. Get better Everyday.


Our flexible version of improvement events based on the classic kaizen methodology. Utilises the core nine step CHANGEWAY thinking methodology along with the required process study techniques.

Get fit and agile. Take big, bold steps.


There is no escaping the necessary governance and programme management to deliver results and manage risk. Facilitated by the application and rules based reporting, easily monitor and manage progress. Let’s stay on track.

We’ve built in the flexibility you need and worked hard to make it simple and intuitive to learn.

Get in touch to see it for yourself.