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We have reinvented the delivery of improvement activities and workshops for the digital age.

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Our application enables teams to run their activities completely digitally on touchscreens allowing direct capture of searchable enterprise change data

We use the application in the delivery of our consulting services

We also offer the application as a service for you to use on your own.

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Changeway’s methodology is embodied in our consulting services and in our software application.

It is primarily composed from our experience and study of four main archetypes:

The Toyota Production System
The Danaher Business System
Design Thinking with origins in IDEO
Agile as conceived by the Agile Alliance

We are inspired by Dr. John Kotter, Peter Drucker and Cass Sunstein’s Nudge Theory.

We believe that each of these methodologies offers value and utility individually. Critically, we have learned that they are far more powerful when combined together flexibly without bias or dogma.

The final piece of the jigsaw in our digital world is to find ways to allow the practice of change and improvement to integrate new and emerging technologies that change the game. The greatest benefits will come when we help you to incorporate the potential these offer into your redesigned processes and organisations.

In today’s world we are certain that machines must do mundane, routine work and people must make better decisions with the aid of artificial intelligence. We are equipped to advise and help you understand how to harness these technologies within your organisation.

We passionately believe organisations that learn faster…improve faster.

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