A Guide to Get Started

So how do you change to Changeway?
Pick your first project, commit a focussed team with a kaizen mindset and just do it!

Customer Success Support
Throughout your trial period and beyond you will have access to 1:1 support from an experienced trainer.

We’ll help ensure you get off to a quick start and provide advice on how to get the most out of the platform.

Kaizen mindset
It’s easiest to ‘act yourself into a new way of thinking’. By that we simply mean ‘learning by doing’.

Learning by doing

Setup your agendas and workshop methods on the platform. Create some new templates of your own that reflect your ‘secret sauce’. Then it’s time for ‘try-storming’. Put the platform to work and do an experiment on your pilot project. You have a much higher incentive to learn when the organisation expects the project to be delivered. Changeway is then a means to an end, or enabler. The work you do here can be easily shared with others as part of your improvement system.

Trust in the fact that your coach will be there to help you get the best out of the platform and ensure you progressively exploit the capabilities as you move up the learning curve. Make your reflections and share success. Plan your rollout with a train the trainer mentality and an appetite to explore the areas of the system you have yet to use.

Three Golden Rules

The lessons we’ve learned about getting started successfully are:

  • Make it a collaborative effort across a focussed team with finite scope
  • Pick a real use case – most people are too busy to use simulations and sandboxes in parallel to their day jobs. As a new way to do your job this works. As another thing to do on top of your job it can be more challenging.
  • Commit a meaningful amount of touch time to use the platform within a short initial period. One hour per week is unproductive and ends up costing more time in the long run. We advocate an investment of 4-8 hours in the first week for key users to learn the new habits needed. The time will be well spent to eliminate up to 25% of waste in the delivery of your projects going forward.