Improvement Management Solution for Consultants

Changeway was built to support the needs of enterprises and the consultancies that support them. You have come to the right place.

You typically need a 1% productivity gain in the delivery of your client programme to make the software self-financing. Changeway is capable of improving the productivity of your consulting and client teams by over 25%. 

Deliver more client ROI with less effort.

Our Leadership team spent most of their careers in consulting with IBM.
We believe we are well placed to help you understand:

  • typical use cases in your target industries
  • how to increase visibility and trust between you and your client
  • how we make it easier to substantiate your ROI
  • the easiest way to help you and your clients get started
  • how to adapt Changeway to securely incorporate your IP and methods

We’ll show you where and how those quick-wins are made e.g.

  • less time creating agendas and managing participants
  • reduction in pre and post event workshop admin
  • reduction in prep time for client meetings and progress reviews
  • simplified benefit tracking and reporting

We know you are likely to have questions such as:

  • where and how you and your clients data stored
  • privacy and GDPR compliance
  • service and support levels (SLAs)
  • how many licenses you will need and how those can be shared with clients
  • price plans and volume breaks
  • incentive programmes for using the software with your clients

Our experts are ready to listen to your needs and create an offer for your specific requirements.

First, we’d like to arrange a demo for you.

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