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Changeway Everyday® is based on the fundamental principles of visual management, team-based problem solving and tiered escalation. Visualise, manage and improve performance across organisations of any size.

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Key Features

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Simplified method and workflow

Simplified method and workflow

Daily improvement and tiered escalation methodologies are embedded in the design of the software. Follow the steps to define and establish your daily improvement boards and system.

Pareto chart - automated charting and visualisation

Automated Charting and Visualisation

The platform automatically creates daily and monthly performance charts. Pareto charts are built by frequency of miss and duration of miss. Aggregation shows consolidated dashboards and provides drill-down capability.

Connect boards together to see the bigger picture

Connect boards together to see the big picture

Use Everyday® to create and customise individual boards, then connect them together to aggregate results. Consolidate as many metrics and levels as you like. Super-scalable to suit your organisation.


Changeway Everyday® provides the platform to build your problem-solving community. The software provides fully customisable process or project visual control boards, automated pareto charts and full digital visualisation capabilities for your continuous improvement system.

  • Engage your employees and create your daily management culture.
  • Correct and prevent problems so your projects and processes stay on track.
  • Increase your capability to solve hundreds of problems everyday.
  • Promote customer centricity and agility.
  • Achieve the goal of getting better every day!

The fully mobile solution means you can go to where the work is done to update, share and improve your performance.

As a fully integrated module on the Changeway® platform, it works anywhere so you can improve everywhere.

Learn about the capability of the platform HERE.

What are the benefits? (Click to expand)

Greater Engagement from your Leaders

The ability to see and manage performance across the organisation is a powerful method to drive results. Everyday®’s automated roll-up functionality allows performance to be visualised at-a-glance. Leaders can drill down and “follow the reds” for countermeasures or “recognise the greens” and promote and share success.

Collaborate more and travel less

Everyday® enhances a culture of continuous improvement. It takes team-based huddles to the next level by fully digitising visual management and metric boards. As Changeway® works everywhere – on any laptop, desktop, smart screen or mobile device – and is fully synchronised, you can solve problems and improve performance with your colleagues in real time, whether you’re gathered around a screen or participating remotely.

For those who need to have access to the results but aren’t physically on site or beside the boards, mobile and desktop access is a major advantage.

Update actions and metrics on the move. Keep everyone informed.

Productivity Gains

Everyday® provides significant productivity gains over manually executed daily improvement processes. Everyday® automates and simplifies processes to report and aggregate performance, produce the charts and visualise performance, and create and link dashboards.

Everyday® also automates administrative steps. Notifications prompt actions. No more email. No more secondary spreadsheets. Improved tracking of actions to minimise loose ends. Less admin, more results!

Increased Visibility of Critical Issues

Everyday® automates the tiered escalation process to ensure you get visibility of critical issues immediately. Eliminating reporting delays enables you to make timely decisions and get back on track sooner. See the big picture.

Spend more time moving the needle and less time designing the dashboards

Everyday® eliminates the need to spend precious time managing trackers, building scorecards, linking spreadsheets and creating metric formats across the enterprise. Everyday® simplifies the process to select metrics, define targets, aggregate performance data and measure progress.

Knowledge no longer leaves when people leave

Everyday® ensures that your daily improvement performance and knowledge is captured and secured as you enter data into the Changeway® platform – with no extra effort. Changeway® is real time, end to end encrypted and accessible on every device in your organisation. It’s curated and stored securely in a database for the future – a system of record for change.

Changeway has brought together, in a simple package, everything I think organisations need to scale and sustain daily management.”

Paul Docherty,
Managing Partner, Breakthrough Partners 

Microsoft Office 365 Integration

The freedom to share, view and even edit your documents from Changeway

Microsoft Office 365 Integration

Additional Features

Selectable intervals of control

Selectable Intervals of Control

Not all teams are ready to measure and manage in short intervals, so Changeway® gives you the power to choose your measuring frequency: by hour, shift or day. Go further and customise your shift patterns and durations as well as the automated ‘andon’ thresholds for red/green indicators.


Customisable Reason Codes

For each improvement dimension you can pre-define reason codes. Enter reasons for a ‘miss’ in each period. This ensures your failure analysis is well-structured, allowing you to build robust pareto charts.

Tiered Escalation

Tiered Escalation

Escalate chronic problems to the next level both to ensure immediate visibility and to support and build your ‘andon’ culture. Maximise teamwork and supercharge your team huddles.

Problem solving

Team-based Problem Solving

Leverage purpose-built fishbone diagrams and root cause analysis in the Changeway® platform for your problem solving.

problem solving-automatically-promote chronic problems

Automatically promote chronic problems to workshops

For stubborn issues, select an item on the pareto chart and automatically gather up all the relevant current state information to open an improvement workshop in Changeway Thinking®.

Action Management in-App

Action Management in-App

Configurable checklists, action trackers and in-app notifications. All totally customizable. No more email.

Creative Brainstorms

Creative Brainstorms

Collaborative digital whiteboard space optimized for strategy deployment with purpose-built goal objects to define your breakthroughs.

Digital notes

Patent Pending Digital Notes

16 functions for multi-media content and structured numerical data. Multi-lingual. These blow sticky notes off the wall.

Intelligent Improvement

Intelligent Improvement™

Breakthrough links the most important areas of your goal deployment to present the information you need where you need it.

Benefit Tracking

Benefit Tracking

50 standard KPIs. Choose a metric or make it custom. We’ll build the dashboard. Built-in audit trail keeps the finance folks happy too.

Synchronous Teamwork

Synchronous Teamwork

Truly multi-task and work in parallel sub-teams in different parts of the app. It’s all synchronised!



We know your workshops are awesome – so innovate your way. Edit titles, build custom agendas, customize templates and more.

Participant Presence

Participant Presence

Tell at a glance who’s in your workshop and active. Invite and manage your workshop participants.



Connect any web-based document, application or webpage to your brainstorms.

End-to-end Encryption

End-to-end Encryption

All content is encrypted and stored securely with industry leading two-factor authentication.

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