Change Notices

Discover our latest product developments and updates as we continue to improve Changeway for you and your teams.

Changeway Change notices release updates info graphic

The development team have been sprinting along and we are really pleased to share the results of their work with you in this update. The list of new capabilities is extensive. Here’s a brief resumé of each:


Extensive Upgrades to Action Planning

  • Add multiple owners for team-based activities
  • New individual user image and bio for action owners replacing previous contact card
  • Comments and reactions thread on each action
  • Ability to add multiple attachments (pictures, videos and PDF files)
  • Retains andon and % complete
  • Multiple actions can be grouped together (for example, as a prep checklist). When all actions are complete, the group will be complete and the header will go green to assist visual management
  • Integrates existing action plans and checklist function into one place simplifying navigation
  • Action list filtering capability
    • My Actions
    • Actions for Person X
    • Open tasks/closed tasks
    • Tasks due today/this week/this month
  • Improved workshop list search and filtering, too


🎛️Organisation Wide Customisation Options in New Central Panel

  • Customisable Organisation Page like a LinkedIn profile
  • New facility for adding participants once centrally to eliminate need to type email in workshops
  • Select default organisation colour palette to apply to standard templates
  • Add organisation specific icons
  • Set up your organisation structure for workshop management
  • Manage your own template library
  • Set up and manage benefit conversion rules for converting operational improvement into financial benefit using the Benefit Conversion Engine.
  • New corporate logo object to add with one touch to templates
  • Altogether a major step towards white-labelling the solution to feature your corporate branding.


📱Improved UI Design

Significant refinements to the design and screen layouts involving cards.

Each card is now much more distinct. On screens with lots of information such as ‘happening now’, this greatly improves legibility and makes scorecard screens like ‘achieve’ easier to absorb the information presented to the user.

More refined colours, graphics and table designs improve the sophistication of the interface and further encourage consuming information digitally on the platform.

All the new designs are exportable making inclusion in external reports easy. When combined with the new colour customisation options this will further improve all aspect of progress reporting for the transformation team.

📗Further Additions to the Range of Templates

Changeway Lite® allows significant flexibility to build your own templates, but we wanted to make life even easier by expanding our range of off-the-shelf templates. Here are some examples:

  • Forcefield Analysis
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Change Communications Planning
  • New 12 zone layout option for your own templates

📝New Digital Note Functionality

  • Increase/decrease font size on each digital note
    • Go big to make headings
    • Go small for notes/comments
  • User sized digital notes. Drag the corner to expand to the note offering even more flexibility
  • Instantly add your corporate logo to brand your workshops
  • Digital notes’ character limit increased to 350 for more detailed insights
  • Available for all previously existing workshops

⏭️New Simplified Navigation for Agenda Steps

  • Simply click ‘next’ or ‘previous’ to change agenda steps for single touch navigation through your workshop
  • Use the central ‘select view’ option to select a screen and jump directly there
  • Assists inexperienced users to follow the workshop
  • Redefined agenda screen improving navigation and readability

🎆Everyday joins the Changeway Platform this September

  • Our essential module for managing daily improvement is on its way
  • Final integration of the standalone module onto the platform has begun
  • Please refer to the separate release to understand a full range of Everyday’s amazing functionality
  • We are inviting beta users to utilise Everyday starting this September

Changeway everyday module logo

⚙️Changeway Lite® – Additional Customisation Options

  • Choose background colours for your brainstorm canvases
  • Add headers to your templates and choose the colour of the header and text
  • Add icons to your templates for visual impact
  • We can easily add your corporate colours to the palette so you can reflect your brand

🎛️Benefit Conversion Engine

  • Select organisation specific metrics for monetisation
  • Choose from our range of over 30 default operational metrics or build your own conversion rules for both recurring and non-recurring benefits. The defaults are based on the principles of lean accounting and can be easily customised with your finance team
  • Based on the actual results reported in the workshop dashboards, Changeway® will convert your operational KPIs into financial benefits
  • Dashboards now display a summary of total benefits, the benefit from each metric and its contribution to the overall result

✏️Copy Digital Notes

  • In addition to copying complete brainstorms and saving templates, you can now select and copy individual or multiple notes to any other part of your workshop.

📲Export Function

  • In addition to exporting brainstorms, you can now export any other screen and list in the app to .jpg.

Goal Scorecard Improvements

  • Choose any period/duration and enter your own custom values, e.g. week numbers, months, shifts
  • Choose a run rate scorecard if you want to set a plan against metrics like efficiency % that won’t be cumulative over the plan period. Use the existing goal scorecard where you want the plan/actual to be cumulative.
  • You can now also use suffixes throughout every metric, e.g. £k, £M, km, ms

📗New Templates

  • Process Map
  • Design Thinking User Journey Map
  • Design Thinking Storyboard
  • 8 Wastes Gemba Walk
  • 3P/7 Flows New Process Design
  • Icebreaker – share interests

👍Desktop Optimisation

  • Increased area of working window on desktop
  • Significant number of horizontal and vertical scroll bars added including drop downs to improve navigation