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We have reimagined the delivery of improvement activities and workshops for the digital age, building the world’s first single technology platform for the end to end corporate change journey.

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We have scalable solutions that are designed to encompass organisations ranging in size from small project teams right through to global businesses with multiple locations and improvement teams worldwide.

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Trained in Japan on lean manufacturing, six sigma and related disciplines we bring over 15 years consulting in organisational transformation and change at C suite / Senior Leadership / Board level.

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Changeway® Digital Notes – patent pending

Our innovative Digital Notes system is now patent pending. The advantages are clear :

Intelligent Improvement™ workflows for lean, agile and design thinking use this system to understand the content and context of inputs in your digital workshops.

Related workshop content is linked and displayed where you need it. Reporting is simplified. Curation and collection of workshop data is effortless.

We are excited to show you what we can do, contact us for a demo or evaluation license.

Digital notes


We exist to change the way organisations innovate, transform and improve.

We believe current approaches to deliver complex change have not evolved at the speed and scale required to match your ambitions for growth. Request a demo Find out more
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Our solutions address the ‘pain points’
and needs of three main personas:

Participants benefit from the ability to track actions, contribute ideas remotely and provide feedback after each activity to share their experience. We give you a voice and platform for your ideas.

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Facilitators benefit from the ability to deliver improvement activities on a digital platform, enable knowledge management, engage their participants and simplify reporting. We make governance simple.

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Business Leaders benefit from improved visibility and insight into change activities, simplified benefits tracking and better analytics. We help improve outcomes.

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The changeway journey Conventional approaches to delivery of change mean much of your corporate knowledge is wasted or inaccessible. We believe you need to find ways to capture and use the knowledge you have to gain advantage. The changeway journey points

Slide For organisations to change, people must learn to change too.. Request a demo We’re using technology to nudge people towards effective habits and behaviours. animated face in dots

Slide Organisations that
learn faster...
improve faster.
Machine learning can focus your energy and deliver faster outcomes. We are developing consulting and technology solutions to make that happen. Request a demo Find out more
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Expect results…

digital workshops

Digital Workshops enable capture of corporate data and knowledge.

structured data

Structured data enables analytics and insight – you make better decisions.


Benchmarking, governance & reporting is simplified.

remote users

Remote users collaborate more and are able to travel less.

workshop preperation

Workshop preparation and execution hugely simplified and standardised.

You learn faster
You improve faster
You grow faster

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